Winter Camp 2019

Make the most of this winter and join Tara Pattana International School for our 2019 Winter Camp where everyone has a chance to achieve and shine.

At Tara Pattana International School, you can expect the best from our Winter Camp. This is an ideal opportunity for students to stay active over the holidays, building their social skills, self confidence, fitness, creativity and team work using the top class facilities available on campus.

Our camp will also have an academic focus where EAL Students will have a chance to develop their language, confidence and communication skills through the EAL program on offer. Secondary and advanced Primary students will follow a more rigorous academic program focusing on key subjects as well as areas such as time management, motivation, goal setting, research skills etc.

The Curious Discoverers is open for 3- 5 year olds and the Venturous Explorers option is for 6- 18 years old.

All of our teachers and coaches are highly experienced and qualified and will be delivering a range of activities including Academia, Art, Music, Outdoor Education, Sports, Swimming, Cooking and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


Beginners: Aimed at children with some ability in English, but who are looking to improve their confidence and extend their understanding. In this group, students will focus on a mix of reading, writing and speaking, developing their fluency and understanding of the English language.

Intermediate: These lessons are aimed at children who have a solid understanding of English and want to improve even further. Our teachers will apply a more grammatical and descriptive approach to reading, writing and speaking.

Advanced: Aimed at students who are ready for a more rigorous program of study, looking at key subjects as well as time management, motivation, goal setting and research skills.


STEM is the term used to group together the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM aims to foster inquiring minds, logical reasoning, and collaboration skills. Within this unit during the winter school your child will be involved in projects that involve all four subjects and present opportunities to: – Learn and apply content
– Integrate content
– Interpret and communicate information
– Engage in inquiry
– Engage in logical reasoning
– Collaborate as a team
– Apply technology appropriately


The Camp offers an exciting variety of winter themed art activities to stimulate children to develop and create their own voice in art. Children will explore art and design, sculpture, painting, drawing and DIY.


Music classes cover a broad range of music with winter and Christmas themes. Students will learn to perform some key pieces from the repertoire. Most importantly, student will learn how to perform as individuals and as a group through playing on our wide range of instruments available.

Outdoor Education

Created for students who enjoy being active and have a love of the outdoors. Our program will include team building activities and sports. Students will have access to our extensive facilities and qualified coaches providing an environment that is friendly, and inclusive but also challenging. Expression, creativity, respect for others and a love of being active are the aims of this program. The sports we will be offering include football, basketball, dodgeball, badminton and many others.


At TPIS our dedicated team of year-round ‘Torpedo’ swim teachers work with students of all ages and skills and as such we are delighted to offer a swimming program at our Winter Camp. Combining elements of swimming for fitness, lifesaving skills, water-based games, and competitive strokes, students will be instructed by one of our experienced coaches. After an initial assessment, swimmers will work in groups and participate in a wide variety of pool- based activities including race skills, technique development and team skills.

TPIS Winter Camp Timetable