Is the curriculum taught at the school recognised by other international schools and universities?

Tara Pattana Internationals School follows the English National Curriculum as it would be taught at any top independent school in the UK (with some adaptations to cater for the fact that we are located in Thailand and are an international school). Students attending our school will have their studies accepted by other reputable British and international schools as well as universities in the UK and worldwide. Tara Pattana International School is accredited by Thai Ministry of Education as an International School and by the Office of National Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA). We are members of the Council of International Schools (CIS).

My child has very limited English. Can I apply to the school?

Tara Pattana International School delivers its curriculum in English. In order for students to be academically successful they must have a high level of both written and spoken English. The demands on the level of English increase depending on the age of the child, typically being less demanding during early years and more demanding in our secondary school. The school is able to provide language support but always with the provision that this support is only required for a limited time.

Can my child enroll at the school at any time during the academic year?

Yes. School is opened to receiving students throughout the academic year and special attention is given to ensure new arrivals feel welcome and get integrated into the class. The fact that our students are used to interacting with children from many nationalities and from varying backgrounds makes the process of making new friends much easier.

What is a school’s typical weekly timetable?

School runs from Monday to Friday, starting at 8.30 am and ending at 3.40 pm. Students enjoy a 20 min break/playtime/snack in the morning and have another break in the mid afternoon from 12 pm to 1 pm that incorporates lunch. Depending on the year group, students have a further break of 15 min in the late afternoon. Students usually spend their break times outside.

How many hours of Thai language do you offer a week?

Tara Pattana International School is committed to offering as much Thai language as possible, within the constraints and demands of the curriculum. Students study three 50-minute Thai classes a week. These lessons are delivered at beginner and native-speaking levels so that all students can be accommodated.

Will you provide a bus service to where we live?

The school has a comprehensive bus service, and strives to ensure children spend the least amount of time possible travelling to and from school. Our routes cover most of the typical expatriate residential areas, and routes are often created or adapted to provide the maximum flexibility possible.

Do I need to pay anything extra for school excursions?

No, all school excursions are included in the Tuition Fees, but residential trips are an extra charge paid by the parents.