Ror Dor – Army Cadet Programme

Ror Dor – Army Cadet Programme

We are delighted to announce that Tara Pattana International School  will now be offering Ror Dor to our students from 2020. All male Thai citizens (or dual passport holders) are required to complete a two year conscription with the Thai Military at age of 21.

The Ror Dor will be included in our extra curricular activity programme with staff dedicated to running the programme in and outside of school with the Thai military. There will be many benefits for our students completing the Ror Dor including character building and fitness which are very important attributes to develop.

The completion of Ror Dor, the equivalent of army “cadets” , through a school or university can provide a special exemption. If you select a school with the “Ror Dor” programme then children can avoid the lottery of being called up for military service.

At age of 15 years plus , a student can sign up to participate in training during the year, over a 3 year time period. This provides an alternative form of basic training which culminates in a multi-day camp. After the 3 years have been completed, the students receive an official document exempting them from the military service conscription at 21 years old.

In summary the Ror Dor programme:

  • Full completion – 3 years of Ror Dor at TPIS.
    The students will receive exemption papers for their conscription at the age of 20.
  • Partial completion – 2 years of Ror Dor at TPIS.
    Credit can also be given-completion of 2 years training will mean only six months of full-time training if conscripted. **
  • Partial completion-1 year of Ror Dor at TPIS.
    Credit can also be given-completion of 1 year training will mean only a year of full-time training if conscripted. **
  • ( ** If students leave TPIS after one or two years the school may, under certain circumstances, be able to allow them to continue their Ror Dor training through the school.)

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