At TPIS you will have the opportunity to enrol on a self-paced Blended A Level programme. Our programme provides a combination of modern study methods (combining traditional classroom teaching with digital learning supported by fully- and highly-qualified remote tutors from a well-established and reputable UK provider) within our caring, international school setting. A full timetable of sports and co-curricular activities, Learning for Life lessons including careers and university advice, as well as opportunities for leadership through our Prefect system and community service, ensures you will have the opportunity to complete your secondary school education fully prepared for third level education – with well-rounded portfolios – and life after school whilst remaining a full part of our caring school community. There is also the opportunity to study AS and A Level Art & Design and/or Information Technology in a traditional classroom setting. 

A Levels provide a sure foundation to university study and provide essential skills for the world of work. As our world becomes more globalised and competition for jobs increases, being excellent in three core subjects is going to be essential as well as having a broad knowledge of current affairs and the ability to communicate in writing. The level of subject knowledge is deeper and more thorough, providing a solid introduction to these subjects at degree level. Together with the 21st Century skills you will develop through being a part of our school community, A Levels are a qualification that international employers recognise and they appreciate their value.

Our partnership with BridgeU (a university and careers research platform), maximises your chances of securing the higher education places you deserve, and our fully qualified and experienced TPIS teachers will have a fully supportive role in guiding subject learning, monitoring progress and giving advice on university applications.

You will also have the opportunity to gain certification through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) designed by top universities. This will give you further opportunities to follow your own interests and enhance your university or future professional portfolios.

Our Blended Learning approach allows for a bespoke programme in which you can truly immerse yourself in subjects for which you have a real passion. AS and A Level courses are available from a choice of  21 subjects thanks to our flexible learning methods.