How to Apply

How to Apply

Admission to Tara Pattana International School is selective in order to ensure that students are able to succeed academically, while positively contributing to school life through sports, arts and social interaction.

We invite prospective parents to contact us to schedule a visit to have a look at our facilities and meet with our teachers and Head of School. You are also welcome to schedule a trial day for your child at no cost.

Entry Assessments
Following your initial visit, we require the prospective student (entering second term of Year 1 onwards) to complete an Admissions test, as well as provide his/her previous school report. Year 1 and 2 Admissions test comprises of English and Mathematics, preferably administered during the student’s trial day. Year 3 and above will complete a CAT4 test, a UK-based cognitive abilities test including non-verbal reasoning, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and spatial ability. These tests are designed to reflect how students learn and their academic potential.

Parents are to discuss results with the Head of School before a final decision is confirmed.

Confirmation and payment

Once the prospective student has officially been offered a place at our school, parents are requested to schedule another visit to complete the admissions process. They are to complete an Admissions form, bringing along copies of student’s and parents’ passports, house registration book or rental contract, and student’s medical record (including vaccination). They are also to pay all fees and purchase a school uniform and PE kit at that time.



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