Learning Support

At TPIS we are proud to provide a safe, stimulating and inclusive learning environment where every member of our student community is valued and respected.

We are committed to whole school inclusion. We recognise that children learn at different speeds and that not all children learn in the same way. In our school we support children with a range of learning support needs. A child has a learning support need if he or she has a learning difficulty or disability which calls for special educational provision. This can be:

  • a physical disability,
  • a problem with sight, hearing or communication,
  • emotional problems
  • behavioural problems,
  • a medical problem or
  • language disorder

EAL (English as Additional Language)
Learning support helps children (for whom English is not their first language) to develop fluency and competency in English.

Gifted and Talented students
Learning support is also available to those who are gifted and talented to allow them to reach their full potential.

We provide support in the following ways:
Support may be given within the mainstream class or, on occasion learners may be withdrawn for specialist lessons. TPIS offers the following facilities:

  • Learning support provision in and outside the class
  • ‘English as Additional Language’ (EAL) programme
  • Reading support provision in and outside the class
  • Speech and language therapy by a qualified therapist

We have links with qualified external educational services should the need arise.


If your child is currently receiving special services such as remedial teaching, speech/language therapy or an enrichment programme, please inform us at the beginning of the application process.

Please feel free to contact the following persons if you have any questions about Learning Support at TPIS.

Learning Support Coordinator Early years: Mrs Daria Bredow (dbredow@tpis.ac.th)

Learning Support Coordinator keystage1,2,3: Mrs. Mirjam Onderdelinden (monderdelinden@tpis.ac.th)