As a part of the school’s commitment to the community, four scholarships are to be offered with the objective of providing young, talented students with excellent educational training at TPIS. The school is confident that the selected student’s talents will be improved and that they will gain a higher level of confidence and that Thailand’s contribution to the academic and cultural world will be greatly enhanced. These are currently open to TPIS and Phoenix School students only.

These scholarships will cover 50% of the cost in tuition fees at the school. The scholarship will not cover the cost of meals, uniform, transport, books, materials, instrumental teaching, activities or field trips.

The scholarships are available to year 6 students who are aged 11 on 1st September. This offers them a fantastic opportunity to continue their education at TPIS. The reason for selecting year 6 students is that they are about to move into Key Stage Three. As a school we want to develop our Secondary school and enable the students to complete A Levels and then move on to a prestigious University.

All candidates are expected to be outstanding role models for younger students. Specific criteria include:

Academic – These awards are given on the basis of academic excellence.

Character – Students that have the qualities that demonstrate: leadership, good moral values, courage, integrity, compassion resilience, curiosity, independence, kindness, risk-taking, positivity, team player and be reflective.

Personal accomplishment – The applicant must have personal accomplishments beyond the traditional measures of academic achievement. These may include evidence of work experience, community service involvement or other personal accomplishments.

The selection process will be conducted internally at TPIS. The School’s decision is final and there will be no right to appeal. The application process will be carried out in January to June of each year. The scholarship is for one year and will take effect from Term 1 of the following academic year.

Please contact the school’s admission team for further details.