Our Parents

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)


We agreed that the organisation should have three main roles within the school (across both campuses):

  1. Support the school by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for education at the school, through fundraising activities.
  2. Engage in community activities (including social events) that support the School.
  3. Support the class teachers and form tutors in terms of class activities and extracurricular learning activities.

The organisation will be made up as follows:

All parents or guardians of pupils who are currently at the School are automatically members.

Head of School – Chair

Year Group Representatives –  one from each year group. These will be selected from parents that nominate themselves to represent a particular year group and become the parent voice. Parents will be selected by the leadership team and the final decision will be with the Head of School for these important roles.

All members must be able to attend once-a-month meetings. Meetings will be held at a convenient time for all members, including during the school day or in the evening, when required. I understand that some parents cannot attend all the meetings but can attend on an ad hoc basis so this will be allowed, but the key members need to be able to attend the regular meetings.

The selected members will take on different roles e.g treasurer, events coordinator etc. The Committee will also act as the parents’ liaison committee with the Head of School to discuss issues of concern.

Parents class representatives as follows:

  • EYFS – Mr Schlaffer/Ms Puntikov/Ms Polak
  • Y1 – Ms Duggan
  • Y2 – Ms Breakell
  • Y3 – Ms Emmerson/Ms Puntikov
  • Y4 – Ms Polak
  • Y5 – Ms McCarty
  • Y6 – Mr Watson